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Same Voice Actors, Different Characters (8)
It's the same voice actress
The pictures are in Scooby Doo: Mystery Incorporated And Generator Rex
Daphne and Thorn, Dr. Holiday and Black Knight
The voice actress is Grey DeLisle-Griffin And Jennifer Hale
Scooby Doo (c) WB
Generator Rex (c) Man Of Action
Vic Mignogna Characters
Victor Joseph Mignogna (/mɪnˈjɑːnə/) is an American actor and musician known for his prolific voice-over work in the English dubs of Japanese anime shows, the most notable being Edward Elric from the Fullmetal Alchemist series, for which he earned the American Anime Award for Best Actor in 2007. Other notable anime roles include Broly from the Dragon Ball Z films, Tamaki Suoh in Ouran High School Host ClubFai D. Flowright in Tsubasa: Reservoir ChronicleDark Mousy in D.N.AngelKurz Weber in the Full Metal Panic! series, Yoshimori Sumimura in KekkaishiZero and Ichiru Kiryu in the Vampire Knight series, Christopher Aonuma in Digimon FusionNagato in Naruto ShippudenIkkaku Madarame in Bleach and Koubun Ka in Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic. In video games, he is the voice of E-123 Omega in the Sonic the Hedgehog series and Junpei Iori from Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3. He was involved in music production in the Houston area. In live-action work, he has participated in several Star Trek fan productions, including Star Trek Continues where he plays Captain Kirk.
Phil Billings (Erik 10: Plumber Ops)
This is Phil Billings
He is evil after he went to the null void years ago
he became one of Khyber predators
Phil became a members of one of the Rooters
Phil is voiced by Rob Paulsen
Erik 10 (c) Me
Based around Ben 10 but the same name
Ben 10 (c) Man Of Action
Plot: Since Nathan became a Corps member, he separated from working with the Providence of his family, his sister and father, his job is stop villains from planning attacks or dangerous invasions, Nathan and his team, to respond and attack when needed, he uses his own gadgets and his own cybernetics, like his father

Sergeant Nathan Underwood (23 Years Old) (Voiced By Dylan Minnette) He is the member of Corps, wears his own cybernetics, the son of Hendrix and Caitlyn Underwood, his sister is Natalie, he provide support or in the field, he's good a sport including Basketball, he has his own home, He lives in the Silo by himself and sometimes his mother mostly visits him, Nathan is smart and good at computers
Lieutenant Natalie Underwood (21 Years Old) (Voiced by Adrianne Palicki) Like her father, she is the member of the Providence, Uses her own gadgets, the son of Commander Hendrix and Caitlyn Underwood, her brother is Nathan, sometimes together in mission or spare time, she has her own home, underground with a big room, she good at computer and plans for attack
Commander Hendrix Underwood (53 Years Old) (Voiced by Me) He is a Providence leader, work here for 26 years, his children is Nathan and Natalie, he helps his daughter and works with her to be a better Providence Agent, Nathan is a Corps member, Hendrix give advise, his wife is Caitlyn and he married her for 24 Years, he still live in his own home with his wife and continue to fit and bulky to fight well
Doctor Caitlyn Underwood (56 Years Old) (Voiced by Grey-DeLisle Griffin) She is a Ex-Providence Member, she does behind the scenes, of computers and supporting them in the mission, Her children is Nathan and Natalie, her husband is Hendrix Underwood, she still lives with her husband, now that the children have left their own ways, but still talk to them
Boyce Frost (27 Years Old) (Voiced by Tara Strong) She is Corps member, she been with Nathan since she moved, also became one of Nathan's partners with Harold, her father used to be military, he was killed when Boyce was 11, causing her to become a Corps member
Harold Fox (32 Years Old) (Voiced By Phil Lamarr) He is a member of the Corps, his partners with Nathan and Boyce, to help stop villains from taking over or cause a attack on others, he also Nathan right hand man and friend with Nathan mostly
Derrick Hawkins (91 Years Old) (Voiced by Rob Paulsen) He is a ex-member of the Providence, he retired after years of being a leader, his daughter is Caitlyn Hawkins and son-in-law is Hendrix, his grandchildren is Nathan and Natalie
Brook Rift (23 Years Old) (Voiced By David Kaufman) He is one of Nathan best friend, he also the same to Nathan and in the same class, they always be each other stand, he works at the Defected Group years ago.
Dani Kane (21 Years Old) (Voiced by Colleen O'Shaughnessey) She is one Natalie friend and she also be friend to each other, Natalie was better thanks to Dani, as they get older, Natalie meets Dani for every week, Dani works at the office.
David Bill (49 Years Old) (Voiced by Peter Stormare) He is the mayor of Calimonia
Selena Crow (23 Years Old) (Voiced by Olivia Olson) She has a huge crush on Nathan, since she came here, Nathan feels distract and he doesn't want to tell his parents, since they got older, after Nathan died, he told who he is and now he loves her, Selena was happy and she is Nathan boyfriend.
Taylor John (23 Years Old) (Voiced by Greg Cipes) He one of Nathan friends, Taylor was happy and he works to become a famous actor including having cars.
Yaling Shun (21 Years Old) (Voiced by Tara Strong) She is Chinese from Korea, she was raised in Calimonia after her parents divorced, mum find her daughter, she befriends of the Underwood family including Natalie, she became a ninja when she got older and was fighting alongside Natalie.
Providence Force (Voiced by Various) Their named changed into a Providence Force, They are one of the Agents and Units in this force, Natalie and Nathan both became what their father is, Nathan died after the war, he left and joined the Defected Group, Natalie became Captain.
Neal Oswald (53 Years Old) (Voiced by Phil LaMarr) He also married and have 2 children, he works at the computer office where can discover the computer for better projects in the City.
Danny Mire (53 Years Old) (Voiced by Corey Feldman) He one of Hendrix's friends, he works to teach other people in collage, he had 1 children and his wife always been away for tours.
Luis Salazar (53 Years Old) (Voiced by Sam Riegel) He one of Hendrix's friends, he owns a house know with his mum, Luis has a sister and he a good cook, Hendrix always meets him every week.
Shelly Oswald (24 Years Old) (Voiced by Cree Summer) She is one of Nathan friend, she works at the other unit group, she is one year older than Nathan, Shelly always be a good friend to the Underwood family, she is a doctor for therapy
James Oswald (21 Years Old) (Voiced by Phil LaMarr) He is a young brother, his sister is Shelly, James father is Neal, sometimes when James was alone, Natalie there to look after him, he became a sports person for the American Football
Samuel Mire (26 Years Old) (Voiced by Jason Spisak) He is 3 years older then Nathan, he wears glasses all the time, he became a news reporter when he was older, that will know Nathan dad has been best friend with Samuel's dad.
Tex Tucker (Voiced by Wally Kurth) He is one of Hendrix's partners, he now the Defect Group Commander, he always severe alongside Hendrix and his family, Tex married Vic and 3 children as once he left to do.
Dominic Tucker (29 Years Old) (Voiced by Scott Menville) He is one Tex children and he was 2 siblings, he a is 16 years old, he became exited to sees the Providence, he became when he got older, like his dad, became a Defect Group member
Salazar And Jane Tucker (53 Years Old) (Voiced by Tara Strong and Grey DeLisle) They are both are twins, their are the same age as Hendrix, they became a great person to them.
Bock Warden (Voiced by Richard McGonagle) He retired from the Providence, he lives by himself, Hendrix will always remember him as a legend.
Felix Underwood (42 Years Old) (Voiced by Scott Porter) He is one of Hendrix's brothers, he visits him often and Caitlyn always say hi to him, He always love his brother and he is the deputy of the CIA
Catherine Grundler (Voiced by Ashley Johnson) She is retired now, after all these year after defeating the war, she returns to her family and to her brother, she sometimes sees Ronald and was proud of her.
Roland Camron (Voiced by Troy Baker) He is still a working alongside Hendrix, after Clement and Catherine retired, he was on his own, he joined with him to defeat some villains who stand.
Alex Ford (40s Years Old) (Voiced By Will Friedle) He is the Apex Man, he being doing since Hendrix retired and since he came back, they work together, he is now good friends with Hendrix and earns trust, Alex earns a lot of money too
Lobot (Voiced by Dee Bradley Baker) He is voice robot machine, he is created by Clement's creations that needed
Norris (Voiced by Chris Hardwick) He still one the Defected group, he buys new gadgets for a new Providence Accord.
Will Chill (Voiced by James Horan) He is one of the news reports of the Calimonia news.
Defected Providence Group (Voiced by Various) Defected group is different group to the Providence Force, this have new advanced weapons and new gadgets thanks to Hendrix.
Chandler Flynn (54 Years Old) (Voiced By Clancy Brown) He is a evil villain since Apex Man came, he's been hiding for 6 years since the last battle, he now his a army of drones and men to fight to invade and to use it against Providence and Corps
Astra Blanc (34 Years Old) (Voiced By Emily Eiden) She is a villain, she steal money and uses her gadgets to fight, she had a tough childhood which cause her to become powerful, she made her own suit and uses to battle against Corps
Robin Ocean (25 Years Old) (Voiced By Eric Bauza) He hurts people and will use it to attack when he wants better gadget and plans, to have a big advantage against Corps and Providence, mostly on Nathan
DX (Unknown Age) (Voiced By Dana Snyder) His goal is to destroy Corps and Nathan's team


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Bruce Wayne
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Narcos and Breaking Bad are the best, De Gea is awesome goalkeeper, I doing stuff that I keep on doing and prove myself what I been posting, keep posted, lads, Fifa and Arkham games are awesome

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5 deviants said Comment (Below)
3 deviants said Sokka
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