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Superman Killed Joker (Meme)
I wrote a meme on this
Superman killed the Joker in Injustice 1
It also showed in the comic of Injustice
Injustice (c) NetherRealm And Dc
Tasia Valenza Characters
Tasia Valenza (born April 5, 1967 in New York City) is an American actress who has most recently found acclaim as a voice actress.
Nanomech (Used By Robert 10,000)
This is Nanomech from the future
He wears clothes this time when I design him
Robert 10,000 uses him in his Omnitrix 
Robert Garcia Shapiro (c) Ne
Nanomech (c) Ben 10
Plot: This takes place one year, after Levski defeat, Caleb comes back and looks to challenge more causing more trouble, Zak will put end to this, again

Zak Brody (26 Years Old) (Voiced by Topher Grace) He is the Main characters, He works in the Corps Angeles, he works alongside Hale, Sarah, Warner and Farid Hall, He works to help them stop villains and create something or have a talk about it
Sarah Gale (32 Years Old) (Voiced by Jaime King) She is one of the Main female characters, She also works at the Corps Angeles, She works alongside Zak, Warner and Farid Hall, she also helps Zak and co to take down villains and other stuff
Warner Dells (63 Years Old) (Voiced by Jason Beghe) He is the leader of the Corps Angeles and he's been doings this a lot, his team will have a goal and work without killing, he always works for new things and new stuff, he raised Farid in his younger days after his parents death
Scott Griffin (33 Years Old) (Voiced by Michael C Hall) He works at a command with Warner, returns for a year working for other agent for trial, Corps once again, to stop Caleb and bring the city safer
Doctor Farid Hall (28 Years Old) (Voiced by Me) He is a doctor in the Corps Angeles, he sometimes help Zak and the team, he also creates things imagination for science to make into real life, Farid father died at 3 and Farid mother died at 1, He had a hard life and became a doctor, Farid loves Zoey, who is his lover (Mention but doesn't appear)
Zoey DeLisle (28 Years Old) (Voiced by Grey Griffin) She has a crush on Farid and love him so much since 3 years old, Zoey goal: is to get Farid more interest in him and marry him
Collins Valdez (36 Years Old) (Voice by Wilmer Valderrama) He is a Bounty Hunter, when Corps Angeles fail their mission or destroyed, he comes to help him or do with him, he sometimes help Doctor Hall
Kevin Colt (26 Years Old) (Voiced by Mahershala Ali) Zak's friends, he helps for gear or new measurements, he always takes part of helping in the mission
Sally Wall (44 Years Old) (Voiced by Carla Gugino) She knows Officer chief and always see if there's bad or something, Sarah can trouble Corps Angeles for fine or others, she also knows Hale and Sarah during her days, remembering recruiting them
Jack Keller (54 Years Old) (Voiced by Laurence Fishburne) He is the leader of the police, he always find out trouble or goes for it, Corps Angeles doesn't like his team killing, they do a different and Jack tries to win against them to go into a killing spee again
Doctor Nell Smith (29 Years Old) (Voiced By Jack McBrayer) He is funny and helps Dr. Hall, he became good and helpful for him
Sheila Kane (40 Years Old) (Voiced By Tara Strong) She also a director of this city, She always assure of the city needs to think of and verdict
Danny Mason (30 Years Old) (Voiced By Greg Cipes) He also one of the funny commedy guys, which Sarah goes to at night see his act
Will Wills (38 Years Old) (Voiced By Scott Menville) He also one of the guy, who gives updates with the Corps for the mission
Caleb Cage (40 Years Old) (Voiced By Jim Caviezel) He is the villain in Chief Officers, He always want to cause trouble and make movements, he always want to be better then the Chief Officers
Anne Kyle (31 Years Old) (Voiced By Peyton List) He is the Villain in Chief Officers, she also have her own group to defeat Chief Officers and make her own cure for poison to make it into a war
Dan Rupp (35 Years Old) (Portrayal By Dax Shepard) He is also another villain in Chief Officers, He also wants to cause trouble and torture people
Ryan Kemper (56 Years Old) (Portrayal By Chris Diamantopoulos) He works for the Los Angeles council, he also to keep his municipal district
Lucas Ketch (24 Years Old) (Portrayal By Jason Ritter) Play American Football, sometimes the team or some of the Corps comes to support him
Lor Daniels (21 Years Old) (Portrayal By Ashley Rickards) She sometimes write Vlog and sometimes just see what the over Corps or cops are doing, she is a tomboy
Cage Swift (54 Years Old) (Portrayal By Keegan-Michael Key) He is a new reporter the news
Sean Shaw (34 Years Old) (Portrayal By Brett Dalton) He a court man, who judges who's guilty or not guilty
Charles DeLisle (59 Years Old) (Portrayal By Robert Forster) He is the Mayor In this city, his wife is Lucy


1. Drip The Tea
2. Overused
3. World Of Life
4. Human Being
5. Grass Lines
6. Case Files
7. Heir
8. Remains The Curtains
9. Lines Of Fire
10. Future Terms

During "Drip The Tea" Zak and his team do weapons practice, as they found out the criminals are getting escapes which is wrong, as they stop them, Caleb is once again at large, as Dr. Hall knows it for sure, as he goes to cause trouble again, as they stop him from taking the tech stolen, as they stop them, Mayor talks to Dr. Hall about a scientist contest and has a chance to see Zoey, as the news report that Caleb went missing and Corps are plans to stop him

During "Overused" Caleb has got the tech fuse location at the south, meanwhile, Dr. Hall goes to a contest and was scared about Zoey, face to face, as he battle his rival Lanus, (Who used to be a bully with him at school), Zak goes to Caleb and finds him, as he escape, Zak knows he got the tech fuse, as Dr. Hall project was ruined by Lanus and Dr. Hall beaten him bad and Zoey was shocked and Dr. Hall leaves in anger and runs away, in Zoey's sadness, she come the next day and cheer up, Dr. Hall, (Who loves him) really cares about him and wants to do projects with him and he agrees

During "World Of Life" Caleb hires a hacker to keep the Corps away, as he hacks the city and the computer files, Zak's team goes to the find him and collected his usb and then collected his data after chasing him and uses it against the files he had for his team, Dr. Hall gone to the dance with Zoey, as the others having something nice for a change

During "Human Being" Zak and his team found Kupp torturing cops again, for the money he got, as he transfers them, he goes and finds him at a secret place and Kupp manages to escape and Anne stops him and she was defeated by him as Zak failed to capture Kupp, Dr. Hall knows Caleb is playing mind games again and Caleb will use a tech fuse to use something dangerous and Warner and Sally agrees

During "Grass Lines" Warner tells that the stories was uncovered of his past, about the damaged of the city covered, that the floor has entries and find old stuff, which one was missing as one of the criminal is Tore, is going to Tore and use stolen art for selling, as Warner prevented him weeks ago, as Zak and his team find out, as he manages to stop him and return the art that belongs and stolen famously items, Dr. Hall knows that difference of Caleb, taking the energy core is hard

During "Case Files" Zak knows that Caleb is after the energy source and Warner sent them away, Jack and mayor have a chat, Sheila have a meeting about the new change to the HQ switching which Dr. Hall meet with Jack, Zoey, and others, about changing prisoners in their cells in a deeper route and they all agree on new plans, Zak fails to stop Caleb and was injured by him during the attack, as his team save him and Caleb once again provide strength

During "Heir" A Phone hacker was calling pranks and as they robbed many houses and killed some outside during a gun fight, which Dr. Hall bring the weapons to analyse it and knows that Sanchez is the heir of hacking phone to cause people scared or death, he knows he is the serial murder, Zak finally learns that he killed many murders of innocent people as Dr. Hall find him and his abandon that he is in the manor, tries to kill the mayor, as Zak saves him as Caleb accident killed him for the sword he will use for his robot and he goes as Mayor knows that he planning dangerous soon and Mayor backs Dr. Hall for him with Zoey

During "Remains The Curtains" Zak was talking with Kevin, about Caleb being a villain again, but stops the riot, as Dr. Hall was kidnapped by Kupp at his own home, and was torture about the information he got for the Corps and the police, as he uses it, as it was broadcasted and Zoey was angry and wants Dr. Hall back, as Kupp left, Zak chased him down and battle him, but he defeated him as Sarah brings Hall to safety and to the hospital

During "Lines Of Fire" As Dr. Hall tells his story again with Zoey, about memories, that past that Farid saved Zoey from a tree and that's were the bound became, being together since kids, teens, adults in collage, and still have a relationship with Dr. Hall which Hall accepts, as Zak goes to find out that Caleb is out of this Los Angeles and have another route to disappear thinking it's too late, Zoey tells him, "You're my hero, don't stand still", as Dr. Hall will prepare something big

During "Future Terms" Dr. Hall got help from Scott and he found him at the centre from a different place, Zak and him find him and he control a robot to himself to destroy some parts of the city and destroy the police HQ, which Dr. Hall and Zak knows that getting near him will kill them, as Zak prepares for a hack, Dr. Hall fend him off for a long battle, as he hacks his robot as he nearly took out the bank, it explode and Caleb was injured in a defeat, as Warner congrats Zak and Dr. Hall and very great, as Dr. Hall fall down in his own house, he was taken to bed and helped by Zoey, he tells his secrets that his parents died and never tell her, she feels sorry for him and really cares for him, she will accept with him to become Mrs. Hall, stay with him forever, and help him with his projects, as Zoey sings the lullaby song with her own version, to make Dr. Hall asleep, as years goes long, Dr. Hall with his 3 children, Rita (15 Years Old), James Hall (10 Years Old) and Kamil Hall (8 Years Old), Zak is the leader of the Corps now and works with him with new recruits as Dr. Hall prepares his kids to eat, as talks to his Zoey Hall on the phone and worth it at the end.


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Narcos and Breaking Bad are the best, De Gea is awesome goalkeeper, I doing stuff that I keep on doing and prove myself what I been posting, keep posted, lads, Fifa and Arkham games are awesome

Which Batman Suit Do You Like? 

11 deviants said Arkham Knight: Armor Suit V8.05
10 deviants said BTAS
10 deviants said The Dark Knight: Series
9 deviants said Batman (1989)
6 deviants said Dark Knight Returns
6 deviants said Other (Comment)
5 deviants said Arkham City: Suit V7.43
3 deviants said Injustice Gods Among Us
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