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Heads Wins
Dent flips a coin
He gets heads, for the coin
Two-Face says the coin is now in session
Arkham City (c) Rocksteady
Batman (c) Dc
No One Steals From Us!!!
Two-Face slaps her, for telling if he had his work done
Dent, tells her not to steal
Catwoman wants to be untie by him, so she can make it up to him
Batman (c) Dc
Arkham City (c) Rocksteady
Hendrix Underwood (Linguistic Knight)
This is Hendrix Underwood
Wearing his armor suit for the battle of William and his army
This is the Linguistic Game franchise, were Hendrix battle his enemies
He was giving it by Fennoy, the CEO leader and was created by Dr. Hawkins
Hendrix Linguistics (c) Me
Dr. Hawkins (Hendrix Linguistics) Back
This is Dr. Caitlyn Hawkins
She is looking and this is her back
Caitlyn looks at something that she sees
Hendrix Linguistics (c) Me
Memory Check:

Ray: I'm checking
Randell: For what
Ray: Are you really going to do something?
Randell: Hey, give that back
Ray: Randell! don't start trouble, huh, not again

Ray: Why do you embarrassing me
Randell: He stole my watch
Ray: What?
Randell: He stole my watch
Ray: Say that again?
Randell: Stop and listen
Ray: I understand, I will deal with them
Randell: He will kill you
Ray: Who cares, mate

Ray: Bay, took it

Bay: Who are you?
Ray: (Looks at the watch) Hey, that's Randell watch
Bay: It cost a lot and it's mine
Ray: It doesn't belong to you, give it back before it gets worse
Bay: You have no meaning of this
Ray: Really, you don't have guts

Ray: Thank you, police
Police: Bay, your under arrest for stealing watches, you have a right to remain slient

Ray: Got your watch back
Randell: I was about to die
Ray: With a watch, why?
Randell: It's important
Ray: I know, you Randell, killing me at times

Doctor's Dentist:

Dentist: Ray Wills, here
Ray: That's me, doctor
Dentist: Dentist, man
Ray: Okay, dentist

Dentist: You have bad teeth
Ray: What, impossible?
Dentist: Have you brushed your teeth
Ray: Yes, I mean, I don't brush it long as I could
Dentist: 2 Minutes, Ray, going to do a feeling on your teeth
Ray: No, no, no, no!, oh my..

Ray: Urban Jack clean his teeth, why I can't be like him

Ray: Clean teeth, getting better to white
Grace: Keep the grove on, Ray
Ray: I am getting to main frame, that you are getting this
Grace: You are getting, Urban Jack is my impression of me
Ray: Ha, always said you never would

Ray: Thanks, Grace for getting my teeth clean
Grace: No doubt it, Ray, always to help
Ray: I think we getting along with each other
Grace: Yes, I think we getting to stage
Ray: I'm getting the hang of this!

Keeps Coming Around:

Ray: Spy drone connected
Randell: If that drone, is a future tech wire to strap with it
Ray: You get more for camera digital
Randell: That's something that I haven't think of
Ray: That you camera's will be in the house

Ray: Build a camera
Randell: I was thinking about that
Ray: No your didn't not
Randell: Yes I did, Ray
Ray: Don't mess anything

Caleb: Time to capture
Ray: Not again
Caleb: Come back, here (As Caleb chase Ray)

Ray: Who is doings this, not just Caleb
Randell: I was thinking the whole time
Ray: I don't know, i'm just going back home, not again!
Randell: Don't get angry, calm down

Randell: Told you, I didn't damage anything
Ray: (Laugh) That's going be the good life
Randell: I think you may be the one that test the work of his test
Ray: You may be calming to the age
Randell: Fast and thick

Auction Device:

Ray: I'm going to collect, Randell great grandfather old pictures for him
Grace: He never told you that
Ray: He did, because, he said it's important to his family
Grace: That's why, a lot of history is in the name, urgh, that more the same as the past
Ray: Were in the present

Randell: My grandfather used to be a great artist, he was fantastic, he makes something that imagination, which is now like tech, weapons and others, he always been my inspiration of him, really, the greatness of his eyes

Randell: How do we distract them?
Ray: We need to cut the power off, that will make it quick
Grace: Work as you believe it
Randell: I'll get it back from Steven
Ray: He's not easy to take
Randell: Will you do it, and not try

Ray: You not going anywhere with this
Steven: Too late
Ray: Why, your always say that?

Randell: Let's get out of here
Ray: The car is there
Randell: Right, go, go, go!!! (As Steven chases him) He's keep on us
Ray: This is not good
Randell: What on earth are you going
Ray: To where i'm going

Ray: Once again, help that I needed
Grace: I need love, in one time
Ray: Yes, Grace, you did, we getting on route after all of this
Grace: Yes, I need you
Ray: Stop the route, burn the route, kill the route

Do What They Do:

Ray: I'm busy, making cameras and spy's
Grace: I'm going to sneak into the concert
Ray: Are you mad!
Grace: Yes, something that the phone HD, which has good screen, new updates and new settings
Ray: The greatness live on
Grace: More like, taking them

Grace: I just don't think
Ray: Yes, we just do what we do
Grace: Nice to think the way
Ray: Right, right

Grace: Sneaking into the backstage and I'll get the new Phone HD, I love to have it

Grace: Got the New Phone HD
Ray: Get out of there
Grace: Not until you get out
Ray: I'm waiting

Ray: Have you got it
Grace: I did and it's worth it
Ray: (Laughs) Okay, just sit down (As she seats down) Let me see
Grace: I bet that you will wanted
Ray: The concert
Grace: That thing went on lit
Ray: Huh, you liked after all
Grace: That will be on the other side

Grace: I know nothing about this

Parent Unite:

Ray: Mum, Dad and Sharon
Grey: Hi, Ray, I haven't seen you for ages (Cuddles him)
Robert: You grow a lot
Ray: Thanks guys, where the only person left
Sharon: I'm right here
Ray: Sharon, you still haven't change (Hugs her)

Robert: Why bounty hunters are after you?
Ray: Um, Randell?
Sharon: Is that a excuse?
Ray: What do you think, Sharon

Grace: Ray
Ray: Grace
Grace: It's that your...
Ray: Parents, because I haven't meet them in ages
Grace: Oh my, it's that Mr and Mrs. Wills
Grey: Were still remember you, Grace, from school, you went to play with him
Ray: Aw, nice!, oh look who it is
Randell: Ray, your parents

Ray: D-Vidence gang kidnapped my parents
Randell: Who?
Ray: The gang
Randell: Looks like were going to take them down
Ray: It's not easy, as you think
Randell: You know

Lee: Good to see, that
Sharon: Are you getting this?
Ray: Really
Robert: (Hugs him) I'm proud of you
Ray: Really!
Sharon: For the way you progress, yes, you did so much hard work to get far
Ray: Oh yeah

Ray's Scarface:

Ray: I'm doing alright Grace
Grace: You really have a power
Ray: Which I can do anything
Grace: You can say that a hundred times, but nothing counts
Ray: Does it, Grace

Randell: You'll be self right
Ray: Do I look like Tony Montana, to you
Randell: For what
Ray: Expect the swearing, making money is process, it's like making other think it doesn't know what coming
Randell: Other's will

Ray: Oh, not again
Caleb: I'm not alone this time (Marlin appears)
Ray: So, who this guy, standing next to me (Claps)
Caleb: You will get know your chase, he's name is Marlin, the leader of our Bounty Hunter
Ray: So you are the one, who wants me
Marlin: Not just you, the others

Randell: Run, Ray (Hurts himself and trap)
Randell: Go, just go, Ray
Ray: No! (Caleb was about to get him, Ray runs away and escape)

Ray: They captured Randell, I'm doomed for my life, oh no!

Ultimate Face-Off:

Ray: Grace, i'm screwed, i'm screwed
Grace: How we going to do this?
Ray: Bay, can you get the new system
Bay: Just taking time
Grace: So, what's going
Ray: Randell has been kidnapped, I just don't have a answer to this
Bay: It has been shut, the system
Ray: Dang it

Ray: I used to be a hacker in my youth days, I didn't know what to do, I read some hacking books, learn them by one by one, I started to have fun with it but something damaging to me and the others, I showed many the others and none of them were interested, some where, Grace, Randell and I don't know few

Grace: Rc car, Nice
Ray: Use to plan that, years ago, ha
Grace: So, what did you say
Ray: To distract the bounty hunters, that's easy
Grace: You got it right
Ray: Of course

Ray: Grace
Grace: I got Lee
Ray: Other agents, including, Randell has escaped too
Caleb: You are mine, trouble maker
Ray: Grace, i'm over run by this
Caleb: This is not, but, it's bad thing
Ray: I'll get you talking, to much

Caleb: Tired, Ray
Ray: (Has the Ray Gun) No, your tied (Blast him into the sea and he still survive as Ray smile) and that's all she wrote

Lee: Thank you for saving me
Ray: I wouldn't have done it without you
Lee: No, you are a genius
Ray: I get it, now
Grace: (Hugs him) You are so good, again
Ray: Not surprised, Grace
Grace: Oh, I get a lot of slack, for you doing it
Ray: Of course, should we got another date
Grace: YES!!! YES!!!
Ray: I'm not surprised

Rolling The Dice:

Ray: Andrew, thank you
Andrew: What parts are good for you
Ray: Being positive, always being helpful
Andrew: That's a good advise to people
Ray: Some people to say a loud word of speak
Andrew: At least you get the fun part
Ray: Shall we play a game?
Andrew: Right after the break

Ray: I win
Andrew: Dang it
Ray: Shall we play another one?
Andrew: I think we should do a different game?
Ray: Let's get it started then

Ray: They going to get the money, Andrew
Andrew: Focusing, to take them down with sticks
Ray: That's going to be hard, we will do it
Andrew: Your right about it

Ray: We did it Andrew
Andrew: We did a great team
Ray: We are heroes!!!
Andrew: We own them like a boss
Ray: We did, lad

Weapon Device:

Ray: Gosh, stupid cut
Grace: (Laughs) Just like that cut you had in the playground before
Ray: That was years ago, Grace
Grace: It was funny, how you been chased
Ray: Cute means, it bleeds badly, like a body heals quick
Grace: You get the idea
Ray: That stupid fence
Grace: Oh there, you bruised by a fence
Ray: Yes, like I want past it

Ray: Randell
Randell: Yes weapons
Ray: At least it's no killing, remember
Randell: That provide your smart
Ray: Not all the time, just daily basis you mean

Caleb: Weapons can't hold me
Ray: Yes, it will cut you down, Caleb
Marlin: Too late for that
Randell: Attack incoming
Ray: Hide or pick a weapon then
Randell: What, then?
Ray: Never mind

Caleb: Plan is coming more into, yet

Plan Sight:

Ray: Sol, congrats
Sol: That was just my, good
Ray: Saw, you drifted to the right
Sol: Right on my tails
Ray: So, I see

Andrew: What happening
Ray: Randell, on tv
Andrew: Is this really happening?
Ray: Answering for his troubles, yes, maybe
Andrew: That will be good to know

Grace: I'm already there, to shut it down
Ray: What, where
Grace: I don't know, but, I'm about to disconnect the TV broadcast
Ray: Now, because, Randell is getting broadcasted badly
Grace: As you wish
Ray: Grace!

Ray: Warning to the public, you don't expose people on purpose, you exposed them something bad is happening, which is not involved, if you try to harm people, you will be in big trouble and everyone who stand against the good, the city is safe hands

Ray: Hi, Grace
Grace: You on a good route today
Ray: Well done, for your help
Grace: Should we watch movie
Ray: What?
Grace: Any silly!
Ray: Okay, Grace, you asked for it

Anger Management:

Randell: Were is my phone?
Randell Mum: You find out, where you put it
Randell Mum: Shut up, it's your problem

Ray: What happened
Randell: I lost my phone
Ray: Did you leave at home
Randell: I never did, I want my phone!!!
Ray: I'll find it, check were the signal, if it's off, it will still find
Randell: Hopefully, someone doesn't stole it
Ray: I hope they don't

Marcus: Ray!!!
Ray: Where is the phone
Marcus: What phone, boy
Ray: The phone that you stole!
Marcus: You mean this (It's a broken phone)
Ray: You broke his phone, Randell will get mad
Marcus: But, but
Ray: What question do you want mate?
Marcus: Can you fix it?
Ray: Yes, of course, mate

Randell: If you don't, I'll will
Ray: There, I got it
Randell: You fixed it
Ray: It was broken, it looks new to me, I made the screen clear
Randell: You are a genius
Ray: That's why you doubted me
Randell: It's from the start

Hot Shot:

Ray: I'm looking for treasure guys
Grace: What kind of treasure
Randell: Gold and some things that you never seen
Ray: (Laughs) I see you quite, right about the course
Randell: Good thing that I still got it
Grace: Only if you had the shoots
Ray: Then I understand

Ray: A lot of traps
Randell: Stay calm, guys
Ray: How many times you said that?
Randell: I don't know
Grace: Only if you count in your head
Ray: He has no idea

Randell: We got it
Ray: Now first, get out of there
Grace: Agreed

Ray: You bumped into me
Randell: That was the idea
Grace: That was fun, idea
Ray: You get more things usual
Randell: At least we know what coming to close we do
Grace: Huh, that was the start

Castle Kingdom:

Ray: I'm the king of the castle and i'm the knight
Grace: The leader of the role
Ray: That will be fun for another
Grace: We going to do
Ray: If their were aliens or tech, if were the knight now
Grace: You have no idea

Grace: The bounty hunters
Ray: Quick hide
Grace: I just don't know what you are saying
Ray: Hide quick
Caleb: Look who's back here to play
Ray: Oh, not again!

Ray: UFO, told you
Caleb: You never knew about this
Knights: Were do to, because you are going to fight us to the death
Ray: You are busted
Grace: I lured them to them, I get the plot idea

Ray: Good for my gadgets that are working
Grace: Now, you got them to them
Ray: Yes, Grace, I was thinking all along
Grace: Will they come back?
Ray: They always will and always have

Perch Of The Time

Ray: Hey, cousin Frey
Frey: You always change, boss
Ray: It's your cousin, Ray
Frey: Anything were going on, today
Ray: I think were going to the concert
Frey: Are we, my favourite
Ray: Your going to enjoy this, because i've been busy

Ray: Wanna see my house
Frey: Sure!!

Ray: This is my house
Frey: Do you live with someone
Ray: No, just by myself, I worked hard for this
Frey: Gee, you work so much work, how much
Ray: As long as I remember
Frey: I hope you got something awesome

Frey: Hopefully, I will see you in a month
Ray: You will get the hint of this
Frey: I love to this, for the right
Ray: I love you, cousin

Sprits Believers:

Bill: Hey, man
Randell: Your one of us, my ex-contacted
Bill: You never seen yourself
Randell: I am still, Bill
Bill: Changed your attitude, because you seem rubble
Randell: I don't
Bill: Good you be needing these

Caleb: You are mine
Bill: Try and get me
Randell: Get in the car quick
Bill: You read my mind
Randell: Not time

Bill: Who is this guy
Ray: The guy who rescued you, the Bounty Hunters are tracking us, but they are bad
Bill: Who is this
Lee: I'm Lee, Bill, you should read it
Bill: I've had interest
Steven: Steven Bills, Nearly the same name, only remove the S
Brendan: Brendan, boy, you should cut that nail of yours
Bill: Thanks

Bill: We look for the mission, track them down and anything, before they do, so let's get started

Crossing The Romance Line:

Ray: Piano concert will be fantastic
Grace: I know, you've been starting
Ray: You seen my eye to eye
Grace: That will be the concert
Ray: That will instrumental to a beautiful music, my man
Grace: Don't call me man

Ray: Any album books
Grace: Yes, there is you on it, there the second shell
Ray: Hopefully, it doesn't kill me a lot
Grace: Hehe

Ray: That was me, oh gosh
Grace: Remember, I used to chase you a lot
Ray: Because you love me
Grace: Yes, that's the reason why I was chasing you
Ray: Because I was a kid, you were, I was trying to stay away from you, but now, I can't, because you are just standing there
Grace: That's grown up, means

Ray: I'm really heading the way, i'm going because of you
Grace: And you too (Kisses him on the lips)
Ray: Can I keep some of these pic
Grace: Of course, incase I come into your house
Ray: That will be a case

Digital Trip:

Ray: Woah, different timelines of myself and I created that portal

Ray: That's me
Bad Ray: Everything i've destroy, is mine
Ray: You made yourself into a destruction
Bad Ray: I've killed and destroy, many things that you create him good, I've reserved it, and know I'm standing right in front of myself that will be window to your dimension
Ray: You really messed things up don't you, the things 
Bad Ray: The things that I will, wipe from your good

Ray: What's the problem
Good Ray: That's many more then it's coming
Action Ray: You've seen it all, it's getting worse
Ray: Bad Ray, just escaped and now, he's in my foot of my timeline
Action Ray: Can things get any better and better, every single minute
Ray: I get the idea

Grace: What is that
Randell: Ray, is Ray trying to destroy us
Grace: There is one Ray, I think, not good, this is chaos
Randell: Get out of here and run

Grace: Ray, but which is the real one
Ray: I am
Grace: (Hugs him) There's you thinking, you cause this trouble!!!
Ray: Myself in bad, took over
Grace: You made it, Oh no, you need to repair the damaged
Ray: Action Ray, can think of it, using the blaster will cause a trouble to all this mess

Ray: Action Ray!
Action Ray: Going for it (Smashes his armor to pieces and punch him as Bad Ray fights back but Action Ray goes for the punch to take him down)
Ray: Oh yeah, that was awesome

Action Ray: Thank you
Good Ray: Your amazing, you did all the work and keep up
Ray: Pleasure to have you guys, you really made more interesting
Grace: (As they leave the dimension of main) As i'm happy for you, that world saved
Ray: I have many things the counter
Grace: You've counter many, but it doesn't change you

During "Divided To Another" Ray and Randell meets the other buyers that want to buy his stuff, the portal was half damaged and need fixing, Ray and Randell fixed it and the portal was destroyed and he incidentally transported to the future, Ray and Randell sees the changes of the city, sees some of the museum, shopping centre, weapons, Ray and Randell found Ray's house and sneak in, Ray sees the changes of this house, was shocked how the paintings have change, they sneak in the downstairs room, as Future Ray and unknown family come in, Ray search for the portal that was not there and was shocked and was spotted by Future Ray was about to fight them, Present Ray meets future Ray and was stuck in this timeline and Future Ray remembers years ago and he still had a portal blueprint to make it and Ray's kids went in, they went to know who they are, Future Ray tells them to go upstairs, as soon as they fixed it, Future Ray introduced to Future Grace who they both married and happily, Ray we know his relationship later for years to come

During "Match To Deliver" Ray is doing American Football match, and prepares for the team, Grace rally happy that he can do it, Ray prepare it for weeks, Randell, Bill, Steven and Gareth, they watch the team go down couple of points, he was anger and talk to half time and Ray makes a speech, it worked and won the game, Ray's friends where proud of him and happy, they all went out for a treat

During "Concert Night" Ray and Randell went to a concert night, Ray meets Nell and people other people to join their concert, they felt happy, they enjoyed until bounty hunters find them, they all fend them off, Ray was no where to be seen, Ray makes them track his signal which is faults, they lead to unknown place and Ray got away from them, Ray and Randell celebrate

During "Mystery Heat" Ray goes into mystery solving at a haunting manor, he finds it very haunting with Bill to find secrets that is hidden, they find the book that have that they discover and things mystery series that the know, but they were chased by the haunted ghost but Ray tells it was someone scaring them, he court and he told him what it was, as they found out about a mystery solving about the haunted place years ago

During "Broken One" Ray was running into Bounty Hunters after eating a cup of tea, he run and he was finally surrounded but he leg was broken after he fell of the tree and landed safety, he was in hospital and was recovering, he punches Randell 3 times for getting him trouble, Lee was mad at Randell for causing one live nearly at risk, he was suspended for a week, Ray was back home and he finish his creation as he was taking to Steven about heading in by himself for his rights, Ray was heading to bed and he was upset and was staring at Grace's picture, as the sheets was weird, Grace come and her parents was away, she wants to lay on him in bed to protect him, she told him about her past, she still falls for Ray since she was 8, Ray had good things for himself and was very good at this age, Grace falls for him and loves him, which she came his idol, Ray found Grace ignoring in the past, she matured and nice, Grace still love Ray and kisses him in check and finally smile, he let's join into his house forever


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